Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's easy to be average....

I was listening to a Lee Milteer CD (Lee is a motivational speaker and coach) in the car today- Success Self-Programming . I listen to this program every couple of months. It was the first motivational CD (tape back then) I ever listened to and I still enjoy it 25 years later.

On the CD, Lee says something that has always stuck with me: "It's so easy to be average."

Just think about that for a minute.

She goes on to say that 80% of the people out there do very little to become better at what they do professionally, and probably very little to improve themselves in any facet of their lives.

I agree, but I think her percentages are low. I think it is more like 90%+.

I always have educational and motivational CDs in the car and in the office. I am usually reading 2-3 books (usually at least 2 business books and a novel). And I love brainstorming with my business peers. I also write frequently on my blogs and social networks, especially LinkedIn. And I read the feedback.

What are you doing to excel today?

And if you want to check out Lee's programs- go here:

One more thought on this. In the April 2011 Reader's Digest there is an article entitled Get Hired, not Fired. It has lots of tips for job interviews and Dilbert(tm) cartoons. One of those cited in the article said a common question during a job interview is "what personal and professional development have you been engaged in outside the workplace over the past year?"

Can you answer that question in a way that will help you get or keep your job?

Food for thought....

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