Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stand out in any crowd!

If you need publicity for any project- fund raising, raising awareness for a cause, your garage sale, book promotion, school play, event promotion, business promotion, radio show promotion, promoting your talent as a speaker or consultant - you need to iunderstand how to get the attention of those you need to reach without bothering them. The tactics we will discuss on this blog can apply to BtoC, BtoB, and BtoG - simply select the tactics that will work best in your niche or for your project.

Different needs require different tactics.

This involves many steps, and in future blog posts we will be discussing many of those, hopefully with your input.

We will identify great sources for each aspect of what you might be looking for: books, blogs, web sites, audio programs, seminars and webinars, and much more. I will also ask some successful people from my personal network to contribute some guest blog posts to illustrate how they stand out and get publicity.

My name is Mark Amtower and the cartoon above is a caricature of me from my 2nd book, Why Epiphanies Never Occur to Couch Potatoes ( The cartoon is by my friend Dave McCoy ( and it fits the theme of this blog.

My area of expertise is business-to-government marketing, where I am a nationally recognized expert.

But what do I know about self promotion?

I have been getting traditional press (interviews, quotes, profiles) since 1994 and have been mentioned in more than 150 publications worldwide. I have also been interviewed over 50 times on the radio, though only once (so far) on television. I was also profiled in Entrepreneur magazine in July 2006. And in 2009 I was selected by BtoB Magazine as one of the Top 100 business marketers in the country.

I have written three books, authored over 100 articles for various  business publications, spoken at over 200 events(breakout sessions, lunch speeches and keynotes), and have been quoted in about 10 business books.

Many people know me through my activity on social networks, especially LinkedIn.

So I have received a fair amount of publicity. And I am here to tell you that it does not happen on its own.
It requires work on your part if you really want to stand out in any crowd.

If you know me from LinkedIn, you might want to take a look at this-

Stay tuned!

Mark Amtower
B2G consultant, author, speaker, LinkedIn Black Belt
Co-Director of the Government Market Master program at George Mason University

Host, "Amtower Off Center" Monday at noon on Federal News Radio, WFED 1500 AM; simulcast and archived at

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