Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While we have all heard that a certain type of profiling is bad, I am here to tell you about a type of profiling that can pay you some real time dividends.

You social media profile is often your first face forward to the rest of the world, that all important “first impression” your Mom told you was so important (I wish I listened sooner!).

Whether you are positioning yourself for a new job, trying to create some leads for your company, or looking to make some good connections, a powerful profile is your best online asset.

So how do you get there?

I have a few ideas, and then I hope you will share some ideas of your own. As Ken Blanchard wrote, and often says, “All of us is smarter than one of us!”

Idea 1: Don’t be shy about borrowing ideas from OPP – other people’s profiles. Look around whenever you have time and make some notes. Write them down, don’t try to remember them. That rarely works. Look at recognized industry leader profiles, and people who seem to attract lots of attention on the social network of your preference – anyone. You will see elements you like and elements you don’t like. For elements you like, emulate them if you can. For elements you don’t like, make sure you are not doing the same. For example, this paragraph is already too long. I should make it two or three paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Idea 2: Get a good photo for your profile. I hate photos where people look bored or otherwise distracted, or worse, when it looks like a bad high school photo. If you are going to use a photo like that, hang a number around your neck and do a frontal shot, then a side shot.  Get a good photo to use – and don’t put up a picture of your pet.

Idea 3: Put something new on your profile on a regular basis. On LinkedIn this keeps you in front of your network. On LinkedIn it doesn’t have to be your profile. Participation in groups shows up on the right side of your profile, along with questions answered and other activity.

Idea 4: Now it’s your turn, so share a few thoughts!


  1. So true about paragraph length! I need to revisit my page or better yet get other eyes to candidly view it for such elements.

    Thanks Mark!

  2. Great suggestion, Mark.

    Here's one I saw that I thought was interesting. David Ross is an entrepreneur based in Bethesda:

    I like the Specialties section in his Summary and i think the Publications section is a brilliant addition.

    Adding Interests to Additional Information I thought gave me a better idea of who he is and having the extra keywords helps if people are looking for a resource around a subject area.

    I got recruited for a job recently because my profile included work in the government market. Shows the power of keywords in your profile.

  3. Question on profiles: I have mixed feelings about posting business related stuff on my Facebook account. What is your take on Facebook as a business networking platform?